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Tiger Baby

Stuart Taft & Tiger Michiels, Hollywood,CA. 1952

Young Tiger

Tiger Michiels, Apache Creek, New Mexico, 1955

Mary Katherine Michiels

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Mom painted this picture of me in 1950


TigerJoe Picture

Tiger Michiels,

Hollywood, 1974


Tiger on Bud's BMW,

Hi-Way Trading 1976


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Surfer Tiger Joe

Surfer 1

Max Baumgartner, Bill Galloway, Vince Zine, Victor Purcell, Frank McMenimen, Jeff Gehrke, Tiger Michiels, George Laubender, & Bob Heffernan"

Surfer 2

"Huntington Beach, California, 1966"


Surfer 3

"Hap Jacobs and Foam Blue Board in Jacobs shop window"

Surfer 4

Makai Surf Club:
"Tiger's old Makai Surf Club jacket"

Surfer 5

ST's Velzy Jacobs & Tiger's Blue Jacobs:
"Stuart Taft's, Velzy Jacobs 10' long Balsa-Wood  Board with a Redwood Skeg, & Tiger's Jacobs Blue Foam Board.

Surfer 6

"In 2010, Old Man Tiger holding ST's Velzy Jacobs I've kept for 45 years"

Surfer 7

Tiger looking at the Coat of Arms:
"Tiger looking at the Coat of Arms,does anyone know where it came from?"

Surfer 8

Tiger looking at the Sacramento River:
"The Sacramento River in Tiger's back yard, still close to the water,
help me get the jacket off!"

Surfer 9

Tiger Makai Jacket at Liza's:
"Tiger wearing the Makai Surf Club jacket at Liza's house, actor John Doucette's daughter"