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Tiger Baby

Stuart Taft & Tiger Michiels, Hollywood,CA. 1952

Young Tiger

Tiger Michiels, Apache Creek, New Mexico, 1955

Mary Katherine Michiels

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Mom painted this picture of me in 1950


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Tiger Michiels,

Hollywood, 1974


Tiger on Bud's BMW,

Hi-Way Trading 1976


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June Lake, California



Russ Tamblyn Card


Larry Tamblyn et al

Larry Tamblyn, Tiger Michiels, Bonnie and Russ Tamblyn, at June Lake 8/21/2010. You may remember Larry's band, "The Standells." Bonnie sany all three days with her band "Blue Heaven and the Rainbow Girl." Bonnie sang with another old friend, Tom Nolan from the "Tom Nolan Band" and many many more. I have about 1,000 photo. Got to shoot some great photos with my Canon 50D. Russ is an actor you may remember from "Tom Thumb", "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", "West Side Story" and many more. Bonnie and Russ have an actress daughter, "Amber Rose Tamblyn", TV show "Joan of Arcadia", movies "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", 127 hours and more.


Tiger Susie & Friends

Tiger and Suzie Michiels, Kris Capra, June Lake 8/21/2010. Kris Capra has a cooking show on TV called "Eastway Gourmet." Bonnie sings the lead in song for the show. Tom Capra was the executive producer of the "Today" show on TV and is the owner of "Wonderful Life Entertainment." Tom is the son of director, producer and writer Frank Capra, who made many movies. One I'm sure you will remember and see around Christmas time is "It's a Wonderful Life." Tom's brother, Frank Capra Jr., built the home in June Lake and used to live in Nichols Canyon.


Russel Girl


Amber Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn's daughter "Amber Rose Tamblyn"


Joan of Arcadia Show
Bonnie Murry Bus Card