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Stuart Taft & Tiger Michiels, Hollywood,CA. 1952

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Top of the line New Yorker in its most desirable body style,

of which only 3,000 were built.


This Chrysler New Yorker came from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was purchased by trading radio air time from a radio station that Gordon's wife at the time owned.

It was driven 10,000 miles per year between 1947 and 1955 in Island Park, Idaho, and Hollywood, California. This Chrysler has been in the family for 60 years and has a rich Island Park and Hollywood history. You would see many East and West coast dignitaries and Hollywood Stars riding in the Chrysler with Gordon. Presidents Hoover and Eisenhower, actors Wallace Berry, Iron Eyes Cody, and William Conrad to name a few. Also Pete Piersanti, "Cactus Pete" who started the town of Jackpot, Nevada.





32 year old, Algenia Trude McCrea in the driver's seat of a Model T Ford in front of her winter home at 8008 West Norton, West Hollywood, California, in 1922. Her 12 year old son, Gordon McCrea seated in the back seat, far right. The running boards packed high for the 1,000 mile one week trip, leaving Hollywood in the spring for the McCrea M Cross Ranch in Island Park, Idaho.


The front of a post card Gordon sent to me of Old Hollywood.


Back of post card. Note the date of photo 1899, and the date Gordon wrote it 1989.


McCrea's M Cross ranch house on Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Island Park, Idaho in 1910.


Gordon McCrea at 42 years old, my father Bob Michiels at 29 years old, and Algenia Trude McCrea, my Western Grandmother. We called her "Mum". Note the leaning door frame to the old ranch house.


The "Cow Bell" bar. A favorite hang out on the McCrea M Cross Ranch.


Vern Crystal's truck, saddled up and ready to go.


Shot Gun Road, Gordon McCrea's corral, Sawtell Peak and the Continental Divide in the back ground.


Cowboy and Saint Bernard in front of Henrys Lake Lodge, Island Park Idaho.


Wanda & Gordon McCrea in the 1950's.


Gordon McCrea in the driver's seat of his 1947 Chrysler New Yorker. In the back seat are my cousins, Kenny & Linda Michiels. Beta Crystal and my father, Bob Michiels, are along side of the Chrysler in 1952.


Vern Crystal's bull, 1947 Chrysler, My uncle Earl Michiels, My father, Bob Michiels, and my cousin Linda Michiels in 1952.


October 1988, Tiger Joe Michiels pulling the first nail out of the boarded up log cabin bunk house on the old Trude homestead of 1899. Mum bought the old homestead from her brother Bill Trude.



Gordon said this log cabin bunk house was well built in 1899 and was never shoveled.  Owners of old log cabins in Island Park shoveled the roof tops to prevent collapse.


In 1955 Gordon put his 1947 Chrysler on blocks and left to winter it out in Hollywood. Here it is 33 years later!


The Chrysler Bat Cave!


Gordon put the Chrysler on these blocks in the winter of 1955 and hitched a ride to Hollywood, California. That winter he bought a new car in Hollywood and that spring came back to Idaho and boarded up the Chrysler. All four tires held some 33 year old air pressure in them!





1947 Chrysler out in the Idaho air!


78 year old Gordon McCrea standing by the foundation of the original 1899 Trude log cabin homestead. As Gordon tells it, "One of my relatives burnt down the ranch house. He was so distraught that he went out back by the outhouse and hung himself in that tree, by his neck tie." Then Gordon leans over, tilts his cowboy hat back and says, "And nobody in Island Park has worn a neck tie since!"

Note the root cellar. It had cold water running through it from a near by stream.


Chrysler rescued from 33 years of living with bats and rock chucks.


Heading back to the M Cross Ranch.


McCrea's M Cross Ranch.


Gordon McCrea and his 1947 Chrysler.


1947 Chrysler heading south west to California.



Chrysler arrives in Redding, California.


My father, Bob Michiels standing next to the Chrysler remembering 36 years ago.


Mary & Bob Michiels, Mom & Dad, standing next to the Chrysler.


California Dreaming.


The Bill of Sale.

Through many years of his life, Gordon McCrea migrated north to Idaho in the spring and south to Hollywood in the Fall.  In February of 1990, Gordon passed away in his sleep in North Hollywood, California. He was 80 years old. My cousin Barbara Barbiaux Lucak and her husband John Lucak found Gordon, they were visiting him at the time. He is buried on a friend's ranch next to his wife Wanda, over looking Henrys Lake, on the Continental Divide in North East Idaho.