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Tiger Baby

Stuart Taft & Tiger Michiels, Hollywood,CA. 1952

Young Tiger

Tiger Michiels, Apache Creek, New Mexico, 1955

Mary Katherine Michiels

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Mom painted this picture of me in 1950


TigerJoe Picture

Tiger Michiels,

Hollywood, 1974


Tiger on Bud's BMW,

Hi-Way Trading 1976


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Bud Ekins
Bud Ekins Image Young Bud Ekins on his Triumph Motorcycle


Great Escape Jump Tiger holding the original 1963 photo given to Bud by The Great Escape Director, John Sturges.
"To Bud, Happy Landings, Many Thanks, John"

Our Gang 1

Our Gang from Hollywood photo by Tiger Michiels

Our Gang 2

Our Gang from Hollywood photo by Chad McQueen


Susie, Ali and Urban on Harley


Chad and Steve on Indian

my engine

Steve checking his tire, Bud checking my engine


Air Pump

Steve and Tiger, using 1950 Chevy engine air pump

Our Gang Hollywood 3

Our Gang from Hollywood photo by Chad McQueen


Our Gang Hollywood 4

Donna, Darby and Bud on Greene


Our Gang Hollywood 7

Flat Tire on Steve's Indian


Our Gang Hollywood 8

Old Sidehacks, 3 Harley's and an Indian


Our Gang Hollywood 11

Chad, Steve and Dewitt, headlight butt shot

Our Gang Hollywood 12

Ali and Steve McQueen on Indian



Flying Merkle

Bud Ekins on the Flying Merkel


Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet Movie with Bud's Greene Harley Wicker Hack


Bud and Tiger
Bud Ekins and Tiger Michiels, the last photo taken with Bud in his Hollywood home
August 6th 2007


Susie Ekins Tiger Michiels Donna Ekins Susie Ekins, Tiger Michiels, Donna Ekins


Letter from Tiger Michiels to Susie and Donna Ekins View letter in pdf format "Click Here"


Tiger Michiels Frank Byford Jesse James Tiger Michiels, Frank Byford, Jesse James


Frank Byford Bud Ekins News article showing Vern Hancock, Bud Ekins and Frank Byford


Bud Ekins and Vern Hancock Bud Ekins and Vern Hancock on the Mauritania 2, taken in mid Atlantic in Octoberof 1954. This was when Frank Byford was imported from England to the US.

Werner Althanus (Buds first import from England) Werner Althaus (Bud's first import from England) when he and Frank went skiing at Holiday Hill (Wrightwood).


Werne's Wedding

Werner's Wedding in 1955 or 1956 to

Beverly Boos.


Larry Daniel, best man Our good friend Larry Daniel who was best man at Werner's wedding.


Bud's Old Ford Pickup in background painted by Von Dutch

Dave and Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins racing in England

Bud Ekins riding his bike

Dave Ekins, Johnny Steen, Steve McQueen (on tip toes),

Cliff Coleman (with bent knees), and Bud Ekins

Chad McQueen and Tiger Michiels (with bent knees) 2008

Bud and Tiger in Bud's Paint Booth Office 2007

Susie and Bob Michiels in front of

Warner Brothers Theatre

Bud Ekins, a celebration of his life

Bud Show

Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins

Donna and Susie, talk about their father

at Warner Brothers

Tiger Michiels on Triumph Scrambler 2008

Great Escape Triumph


Von Dutch painted this 1959 Triumph

40 Summers ago

Signatures in book 40 summers ago

My Son Bob got Bud to sign it to me

Great Escape Poster

Story of Great Escape